| 2 December 2021, Thursday |

LF’s Geagea: Lebanese are “fed up with” Hezbollah’s practices

The Leader of the “Lebanese Forces” party, Samir Geagea, responded to the Military Court’s plea stipulating his summon for a hearing session regarding Tayouneh incidents by demanding that Hassan Nasrallah, the Hezbollah militia’s Head, appear before the Court first, because, since the end of the civil war, the Lebanese Forces have not recorded any violation, and they are a registered party, at the time Hezbollah is not registered with the Ministry of Interior.

Geagea’s response came after the “Reuters” news agency quoted sources confirming that the Lebanese military court will request the statement of the leader of the “Lebanese Forces” party regarding the violence that erupted last Thursday in  Tayouneh of ​​Beirut.

The Army Intelligence is conducting the investigation. According to the judicial source, 26 people were arrested, most of them supporters of the “Lebanese Forces” and residents of the Ain Al-Remmaneh locality.

Geagea stated in a televised interview that “I have not yet been notified of any summon, and if I am, we will draw up the proper legal response. The days of “Sayyidat Al Najat” faded!

“All the Lebanese citizens are “fed up with” Hezbollah’s practices and the situation we have reached, and this is the result of wrong policies. The Amal movement differs with it on how the state is managed and the electoral rules, but unlike Hezbollah, we at least acknowledge Lebanon as a final homeland.

“No one will see Samir Geagea crossing the Yarzeh road, and the old days are gone, and when the investigation is implemented duly, we are ready, but not in this way.”

Geagea stressed that Nasrallah’s statements are absolutely false, poisoned, and full of accusations, and deemed Tayouneh – Ain El Remmaneh clashes as a terrible occurrence that costs them many lives and wounded.

“I deduced from Hezbollah’s rejection of all ideas that it has something to do with the port blast,” he added. “I have no idea what Judge Bitar is doing, but as a citizen, I am waiting for the judgment to be delivered.”

On the other hand, Geagea pointed out that  the “Free Patriotic Movement’s Head, Gebran Bassil, is the main ally of Hezbollah in Lebanon. President Michel Aoun, for personal reasons, and Prime Minister Najib Mikati, who does not want to “destroy” his newly-appointed cabinet rejected the proposal to dismiss Judge Bitar. More than one official in Hezbollah and the Amal movement threatened days before the events of Tayouneh to use “other methods” in the event that Bitar wasn’t dismissed, and so was the fateful Thursday.

Geagea stressed that “I do not know who fired the first shot, but it is certain that the first 4 wounded were from the people of Ain Al-Remmaneh,” adding: “They tried to create a new May 7 until the government meets and changes its decision regarding the judicial investigation.”

“The story today is greater and greater than Aoun’s contact with me,” Geagea said, “and Hezbollah has one main objective, which is to shut down the investigation into the port blast case. They decided to intervene by all legal means, and no one dared to stand up against them. Therefore, their recent practices leave question marks when it comes to their relation with Beirut Port Blast.”

“We called on the Army on Wednesday evening, and asked them to boost the deployment of their soldiers given the sensitivity. The attack took place in a small street in front of how many of the attackers were unable to control the issue.”