| 5 December 2021, Sunday |

LF’s Geagea to SBI: Hezbollah cannot control the internal game

The Head of the Lebanese Forces Party Samir Geagea, said during his exclusive appearance on “We want the Truth” program with the journalist Walid Abboud at Sawt Beirut International website, that the Lebanese are fed up with Hezbollah, adding: “Hezbollah cannot control the internal game in Lebanon, so let them learn from what happened in Iraq and let them know that the game is democracy.”

Geagea condemned Nasrallah’s speech, saying, ” What is this logic that Nasrallah uses that for every minister, another minister should be summoned??

What is Sayyed Hassan afraid off? Geagea asked, explaining that “Judge Bitar will not issue judgments, but will issue the indictment, and 5 competent judges will issue the decision.”

Geagea stressed that “Hezbollah does not want to reveal the truth about the port explosion case, despite the great internal and external pressures to reveal the truth,” vowing, “If Hezbollah tries to blow up the investigation in the street, we will call for a comprehensive general closure in the country.”

Geagea addressed Nasrallah, saying, “Fear God for those who died and who were injured,” pointing out that “Berri tried a lot to restore the situation, and these attempts are counted in these circumstances.”