| 16 April 2024, Tuesday |

Loaf crisis, back again.

The Union of Bakeries  warned of “a loaf crisis is at the doors as of next week, due to shortage  of diesel fuel, as some bakeries  will be forced to stop working, after it run out of reserves.”

He stated: “The Oil Directorate delivered on Monday a quantity of diesel that is not enough for more than a week, but during the blessed Eid al-Adha holiday, no additional quantities were delivered, while the Oil Directorate announced that this substance had run out, knowing that diesel is available on the black market at a price 140 thousand pounds per plate.”

He asked: “What is to be done, and how will bakeries provide bread for citizens? Can bakeries afford black -market prices?  Everyone knows that the loaf is a red streak, so do not hold the bakeries this responsibility. Therefore, we call on all officials, especially the Oil Directorate, to avoid this crisis and to secure diesel for the bakeries before Monday, because the reserves stored in many bakeries are about to be through. And next week they will not be able to work and will have to stop.”

He concluded: “The Union received calls from a number of bakery owners, who complained about the black-market prices. Therefore, the union calls upon all bakeries not to buy diesel at the black market, in order to discourage this market in light of the dire conditions that the country is going through.”