| 7 December 2023, Thursday |

Locust swarms reach outskirts of Baalbek city

Locust swarms have reached the Baalbek region of Daou el Qamar, close to Nahle town, and headed west towards the plain area, the National News Agency reported on Saturday.

Fouad Ballouk, head of Baalbek municipality, gave instructions to the specialized teams in order to inspect the area and proceed with pesticide-spraying operations where necessary.

On Thursday, locusts reached the Lebanese town of Deir Al Ahmar, Bekaa valley, and the insects were spotted flying over the region in huge numbers, local media reported.

Last week, Lebanon’s Ministry of Agriculture called on beekeepers in Arsal’s barren areas and neighboring regions to take swift measures in order to cover bee hives ahead of pesticide-spraying operations aimed at combating locust swarms, the NNA reported.

The wide-scale pesticide-spraying operations were carried out by Lebanese army choppers and teams of the Ministry of Agriculture.

Caretaker Minister of Agriculture, Dr. Abbas Mortada, had also asked the specialized teams at his ministry to be ready to face possible locust waves, urging citizens in border areas and villages to notify the Ministry of Agriculture, on its hotline 81/964621, of any sightings of locusts.

  • Lebanese National News Agency