| 23 February 2024, Friday |

“Loser Gebran Bassil only learned from his master to run forward,” May Chidiac affirms

Former Minister May Chidiac declined to respond to Former Minister Gebran Bassil’s statements. “I prefer not to comment on absurdities,” she stated in a tweet, “but the loser, Gebran Bassil, learned nothing from his master but to run forward,” she affirmed.

“I am confident that criticizing others discharges him from any accusation!” she added. The hopeless case will not develop! You are the assailant of the motherland and Christians! Champion of Fundraising.”

“Your biggest scandals, exploiting state positions and LDA,” she said.” If you don’t feel ashamed, go ahead and do anything you want.”

It’s worth noting that Bassil responded to Samir Geagea, the Leader of the Lebanese Forces Party: ” Do you believe that by remaining silent, you are concealing your guilt? Do you believe that we are waging a battle of interests rather than a battle of rights?”


  • Sawt Beirut International