| 16 June 2021, Wednesday | النسخة العربية

Mahfoud: He who sleeps comfortably after port explosion, is of no good

The head of the Change Movement, Elie Mahfoud, tweeted: “The ruling staff is still manipulating the fate of the Lebanese, as they do not pay any attention to the state of grief, poverty and indebtedness. They are still taking risks and gambling, and as they and their tribes grab all the profits of gains, the citizen pays the price of loss.”

He added, “The East and the West have come to view Lebanon as a rogue state. Whoever sleeps comfortably after the explosion of the port of Beirut, is of no good.”

It is noteworthy that Lebanon is going through economic, social, living and existential crises in light of the increasing of the black-market  dollar price and the intransigence of officials not to form a government and continue to blackmail citizens by cutting off electricity, water and foodstuffs, untithe Lebanese homes have turned into warehouses for storing money, foodstuffs, diesel, gasoline and others.

As for the issue of the Beirut Port bombing, several months have passed since this catastrophe and no official has been arrested. They bombed the entire capital, killing more than 200 victims and wounding more than 3000 people, the file is still buried and information almost non-existent.