| 30 May 2024, Thursday |

Mahfoud to Moawad: We agree on most of the international memorandum details

The head of the “Change Movement”  lawyer Elie Mahfoud visited, the head of the “independence movement”, Michel Moawad, in his home in Hazmieh, as part of his tour on political parties and leaders to deliver the UN memorandum.

After the meeting, Mahfoud said: “One of the most political figures with whom I agree on issues of sovereignty, approaches, and specifically the issue Hezbollah militia’s weapons, is Michel Moawad. “The memorandum that I delivered today, I think, will be a joint course of action, because we are in agreement on most of its details.”

He continued: “In the general political atmosphere, I am in the house of the martyr Rene Moawad, and I hear talk about buying and selling, as it always happens in large settlements. Why do I say the house of the martyr Rene Moawad? Because at least in our point of view, especially in the political sense of the assassination, we all know who assassinated the martyr Rene Moawad and the role of the Syrian regime in this matter. The Lebanese should not allow gossip that we will be sold again or that they will mortgage us again to the regime of Bashar al-Assad. Remember well that today, even Syria is a colony by the Russians and by the Iranians, and therefore there is no colonial state that can try to re-enter the Lebanese arena. Despite the withdrawal of the Syrian occupation army years ago, it did not leave the Lebanese arena. And what we saw with regard to deposits in the House of Representatives and the imposition of some representatives on some parties to be their deposits did not stop, and we know how it sent explosives with some of its agents, and one of them is still in prison, so no one believes that we are assured that this system came out of Lebanon. As long as the Baath Party ideology considers Lebanon an integral part of the Syrian territory, as they call it, the problem still exists.

He concluded: “The visit of the French Foreign Minister cast a shadow over the political scene in Lebanon and I repeat my saying that only with our hands we can remove our thorns, and no one can remove us from the quagmire we are stuck in, except us, the Lebanese ourselves. And of course the current political team cannot continue like this, with all its rudeness seeing how people are depleted, poor, and bankrupt, while it continues, as if nothing had happened. Continuing in this manner does not only take us to hell, but to an explosion in a very large social volcano, and if the political team does not voluntarily submit its resignation to the Lebanese, then this volcanic eruption will tend to dismiss them and remove them from the political map.