| 27 February 2024, Tuesday |

Mahfoud to SBI: “Hezbollah” will turn out to be the Revolutionary Guard battalion in Lebanon

The route of the tanker convoy transporting Iranian diesel from the Syrian port of Baniyas to Baalbek has been determined, and Hezbollah’s Bekaa region leadership has completed logistical, technical, field, and administrative preparations. According to Hassan Nasrallah, some will be given away for free, while others will be sold in Lebanese pounds.

Although former Energy Minister Raymond Ghajar denied knowing about the tanks, it is already a fait accompli, and their characteristics would be visible within days, and he obtained consent  from Prime Minister Najib Mikati before President Michel Aoun signed a decree officially appointing him. Recent developments involving Iranian oil transit to Lebanon, as well as Prime Minister Mikati’s strategy and if he will share it with other powers, have been disappointing.

“We are in the face of Hezbollah government, 8 belong to the party, 8 work for it, and 8 are frightened of it,” Mahfoud said of the government. When asked about Mikati’s position of the cabinet, he compared to a song for Fayrouz, entitled “Chadi has been lost”. This means that Mikati accepted the order after receiving a signal from abroad, and he dealt with it based on the international approaches and understandings that occurred, because everyone knows that the night before the announcement of the government’s birth was more likely to be his apology, but it crossed into the official signature at a time when the Iranian need for pressure was at an all-time high. Through the Lebanese arena for several reasons, the most prominent of which is the American confusion regarding its foreign relations, whose features exploded in Afghanistan, in addition to the French attempt to convince the American administration of the necessity of postponing Vienna talks.

Mahfoud maintained the terms that Mikati and “Hezbollah” had agreed on; the former is banned to miss it, while the latter is presenting its threat and plan on the subject of Iranian oil tankers, which will be the start of Lebanon’s total “Iranization.

  • Sawt Beirut International