| 23 April 2024, Tuesday |

Major General Ibrahim to military: “Future will be better.”

The Director General of Public Security, Major General Abbas Ibrahim, addressed the General Security soldiers, on the occasion of Christmas and the Blessed New Year, congratulating them and their families in the month of the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ, whose birth and path bore the most noble meanings of humanity and redemption.
Ibrahim reminded the soldires that, “you are at the core of this society. You suffer with it and suffer under the impact of the repercussions of the bad situation by all its standards. Rather, you bear more and heavier burdens because your responsibility is sensitive and great, which is to provide security and services. This stage requires a double effort, so you must remain at the highest levels of alert to protect your people and ensure freedom, dignity and justice, because they are basic pillars that preserve coexistence.”
“future will be better. It will be for the benefit of all the Lebanese thanks to your sacrifices. You are deployed in all departments and centers, where you perform with all dedication and commitment to what duty and powers require to do, and the top priority is to be the protectors of the country, a support for your society and your citizens and to ensure the conduct of their work and facilitate their requests with all Care and transparency,” he added.
Ibrahim concluded by saying: “Service is a duty and security is a trust, it is the title of our course for the coming year. I trust you, so work to embody its content on the ground. Happy New Year. Long live Lebanon.”