| 27 May 2024, Monday |

Major General Rifi: “Accusations of employment and terrorism, become a weapon in hands of sectarian militia

Media office of former Minister Ashraf Rifi issued the following statement:

“The Lebanese have the right to know the nature of the military court, who supervises it, and how its decisions and judicial rulings are taken. Why the selection of the head of the military court is not based on legal competence and loyalty to the state homeland, instead of being based on appeasing the mini state, which is a sectarian body that controls the joints of the homeland and institutions.”

He added, “They have the right to know who is leaking the investigations and judgments issued by the military court, before they are officially issued and published. And who has granted this or that person the status of the official spokesman or the legitimate representative of the military court and the military judiciary to mislead public opinion and promote accusations, even though this is against the law.”

“The association of the military court with a political and militia group has become. During the days of the Syrian occupation, its decision was in the hand of the Syrians, today its decision is with Iran’s agents,” Rifi continued, adding “the accusation of coercion and terrorism has become a weapon used by the tools of the sectarian militia that are committed and involved in the wars of Syria, Iraq and Yemen.”

Rifi concluded his statement, appealing to “all concerned, to work on abolishing this special and exceptional court, or amend its functions out of mercy for the dignity of the Lebanese and their right to equality and to defend themselves and to preserve Lebanon’s image.”