| 25 June 2021, Friday |

Majzoub issues decision related to ending academic year and determining exams’ dates

Minister of Education and Higher Education Tariq Al-Majzoub issued Decision No. 190 / M / 2021 related to ending the 2020/2021 academic year and determining dates for school examinations in secondary schools and public and private schools.

The text of the decision stated:

Article 1: Public and private schools and high schools’ administrations can finish teaching  for all educational stages in from 15-6-2021 till 30-6 2021 as a maximum, provided that the entire curriculum prescribed by the Educational Center for Research and Development for this year is completed, and the annual quotas for the contracting parties are also completed in accordance to what was indicated in previous decisions, provided that final school examinations take place as of 16-6 2021.

Official schools and high schools that have not completed the entire curriculum scheduled by the Educational Center for Research and Development for this year, and the annual quotas for contractors, as indicated in previous decisions, can finish their school exams within a maximum period of July 8.

Article Two: The final results of the transitional classes for the academic year 2020/2021 are announced, starting by the first week of July.

Article Three: Any text, which provisions contradict this decision shall be repealed.

Article 4: A decision will be issued later regarding the end of academic year 2021/2020, teaching, and dates for high school examinations and public schools that teach non-Lebanese students in the afternoon shift.

Article 5: This decision shall be enforced upon its issuance, and whoever is concerned shall be notified