| 27 May 2024, Monday |

Majzoub: We’ve looked at every aspect of return-to-school plan, student can’t stay at home anymore

In an interview with “Radio Lebanon,” Caretaker Education Minister Tarek Majzoub stated that his insistence on implementing the return to school plan “is purely educational, as the student cannot stay at home for the third year in a row,” adding that all aspects of the plan and its educational aspects, including the psychological ones for students and for the parents, have been studied.

“If we lose education, we will lose everything, and everything is compensated except for education, and I will not leave the matter to the next minister, the plan is drawn up because the school year, parents, students and schools must be prepared, and all of this needs time,” Majzoub said.

The minister added: “In addition to the educational plan that has been developed, financial and economic steps will be taken regarding returning to school, as we cannot wait for a solution to economic issues without students going to their schools, and during the next week we will have positive signs.”

He revealed that he had made successive visits “to a number of concerned ministers to cooperate with them on the issue of returning to school to receive the assistance of those ministries with all their capabilities for the success of the return plan, because the economic and financial concern has increased significantly, and the cooperation aims to alleviate financial concerns,” hoping  to announce during the next week financial and economic steps regarding returning to school.

He called on the parents to wait in buying books because most schools have not distributed the book lists so far, and to wait for the steps that will be issued by the Ministry of Education in terms of a solution with the ministries and concerned authorities to reduce the prices of books, declaring that “a meeting will take place with the Central Bank next Monday about  this matter.”

He stressed that “most schools support the return of students, while the Ministry of Education is working on the demands of teachers, parents and students that this return is safe and easy.”

  • NNA