| 19 April 2024, Friday |

Maktaf addressing security forces: A Judge and partisans are causing riot

The head of the Mkataf Financial Company, Michel Mkataf, confirmed that “we were surprised today, Saturday, by the presence of Judge Ghada Aoun, with some Aounists who intend to break the entrance to the building and try to enter it by force”.

He added, to “mtv”, “We are ready to provide all the necessary documents and we are under the law and I am a witness and I am not accused in this case.”

“We appeal to the army and the Internal Security Forces to intervene. There is a judge who comes with partisans who initiate riots with a private property right,” Mkataf said, ” I am honored to have been part part of March 14 Alliance; this file is highly political, and there is nothing called depositors protection”.

Earlier today, Judge Ghada Aoun raided again the financial ‎ company in Awkar, accompanied by Free Patriotic Movement supporters.

Commenting on what is happening, caretaker Justice Minister Marie Claude Najm said after the emergency judicial meeting: “What happened yesterday is totally rejected by all the Lebanese, I am not appointing myself as a judge, and I will not enter the line-up game despite the attempts to drag me to this place; I do not have any political affiliation, for my only reference is the law and institutions”.

Najm said that “the issue transcends the dispute over the powers between two judicial references, and the Lebanese have witnessed that judges are affiliated with political parties. There is a judiciary that is unable to fight corruption, and the Judicial Inspection Authority’s role is to conduct the necessary investigations and it has to be in control of the entire file”.

  • Sawt Beirut International