| 23 April 2024, Tuesday |

Marwan Al-Yaman: Saudi Arabia allows transit and transshipment of Lebanese goods

Head of Maritime Agents Syndicate in Lebanon, Marwan Al-Yaman, confirmed that “the Saudi Ports Authority allowed transshipment works for Lebanese goods, and allowed them to transit, but while keeping the Saudi market completely closed, and thus stopping trade exchange with Lebanon.”
Yaman indicated in a statement that “the suspension of trade exchange, will keep on the economic damage on all commercial, industrial and maritime sectors, as a result of the loss of the Saudi market, with which trade exchange amounts to about $900 million annually.”
He also hoped that “international shipping companies would be able to install large ship lines with direct services between Lebanon and Saudi Arabia, and maintain their existing shipping lanes, until the Lebanese government is able to address the emergency crisis with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and reassure the rest of the Gulf states.”