| 28 February 2024, Wednesday |

Mawlawi clarifies controversy regarding Qatar and Greek planes

Minister of Interior Bassam Mawlawi confirmed after presiding over a meeting of the airport security apparatus, that we discussed all reports related to what happened with the Qatari and Greek planes.

Mawlawi said: “It was found that the Qatari plane tire ran over a projectile on the airport grounds, and therefore no shooting, security, sabotage or terrorist act took place.”

“In the Greek plane, we found a hole under the cockpit caused by the plane’s collision with a small drawbridge, and this has nothing to do with any terrorist act,” he added

Mawlawi stressed that “members of the airport security apparatus are soldiers who abide by their duties, and their officer in charge assured me that none of them enters the plane for any reason.”

This comes after a news website published a report claiming that “two or three planes were hit by gunfire, during flights over Beirut airport.”

For his part, Minister of Public Works and Transport in Lebanon, Ali Hamiyah, confirmed that “what happened at the airport was the discovery of a hole in the structure of a Greek airline’s plane, before taking off from Beirut.”