| 28 May 2024, Tuesday |

Mawlawi confirms elections will take place on time

Minister of Interior and Municipalities Bassam Mawlawi, affirmed that “the parliamentary elections will be held on time in accordance with the law that will be approved by the Parliament,” noting that “failing to conduct the elections negatively affects Lebanon’s internal and external image, which is something the country cannot bear.”

During his meeting with the Press Editors Syndicate, headed by Joseph Al-Qussaifi, Mawlawi stressed his constant keenness on “the best relations with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and all the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council,” refusing any tampering with them, and stressing his adherence to the stability, safety, and social security of the Gulf.

The minister stressed that “the role of the Ministry of Interior and the Minister in particular is to manage the electoral process technically and logistically, according to the law issued by the House of Representatives,” noting that “the cost of the elections is approximately ten million US dollars or a little more than that, which is less than the cost of financing electricity for a week.”

He revealed contacts and meetings he is conducting with United Nations organizations and the European Union “to secure the financing of the electoral process’ administration in a way that does not affect national sovereignty.”

Mawlawi finally stressed his keenness on “the necessity of holding elections before the twenty-first of May 2021, the date of the end of the current parliament’s mandate,” rejecting any extension of the parliament term “as such a move would be negatively processed, mainly by the international community, and would have negative repercussions that Lebanon could not bear.”

  • NNA