| 30 May 2024, Thursday |

MEA Statement: Hotel Quarantine no longer required for passengers arriving to Lebanon starting September 10, 2021

In reference to the circular issued by the Lebanese General Directorate of Civil Aviation on 9 September 2021 regarding the required procedure for passengers arriving in Lebanon as of 10 September 2021, Middle East Airlines-Air Liban announces the following:

1. Hotel Quarantine is no longer required for passengers arriving to Lebanon from countries that were subject to the mandatory possession of a hotel reservation starting 10/9/2021

2. All Passengers wishing to come to Lebanon, except children under 12 years old, must perform PCR test in a Lab. certified by the countries Local authorities latest 96 hours between the test result and the date of arrival to Lebanon and to show the test result which must include a QR code at check-in counters.

Passengers not having negative PCR test result with a QR code are not allowed to board the plane departing to Lebanon, but the PCR tests issued from: USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Japan and all European countries are accepted without QR codes.

3. All passengers arriving to Lebanon, except Children under 12 years age and UNIFIL, shall perform a PCR test upon their arrival to BRHIA.


l. Passengers wishing to travel to Lebanon and who have received the second dose of Covid-19 vaccine, or a complete dose of Covid-19 vaccine (which is formed of one dose only), minimum 2 weeks before their departure to Lebanon or passengers who were infected and cured from Covid-19 within 90 days before their departure date after showing an official document confirming that, are exempted from performing a PCR test at the countries of departure, and shall perform a PCR test upon their arrival at BRHIA.

2. Passengers who travelled out of Lebanon and will return within one week, that is, who travelled during one day of the week and will return on the same day during the following week, will be exempted from doing PCR test in the countries of departure, but shall perform a PCR test at BRHIA upon their arrival to Lebanon.

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