| 26 May 2024, Sunday |

Media Professionals Against Violence: To pave the way for an international investigation in Port and Sleem’s cases

The “Media Professionals Against Violence” association called on the state to “explicitly declare that it is unable to uncover the perpetrators of the two crimes of assassination of Luqman Salim and the bombing of the port, in order to clear the way for an international investigation.”

It said in a statement: “More than two months after the assassination of the sovereign activist Luqman Salim, nothing has changed , there is no data about who committed this crime, no information about who carried out the assassination, no evidence about who was behind the executing group, and no evidence about who was Involved, and there are no clues about who carried out, who prepared, who planned and who decided.

The association affirmed that “the assassination of Salim will not pass as the one who carried out this assassination bets,” calling on the state to “explicitly declare that it is unable to reveal the perpetrators in order to allow the international investigation to take on this task, because it is neither permissible nor acceptable for these crimes to remain unaccountable for, which encourages criminals to continue their assassinations and kill their opponents, as if we are living in the law of the jungle. ”

It added: “After more than 8 months after the Port crime, which killed more than 200 martyrs and destroyed half of the capital, there are no indications till now that the investigations will lead to the truth to find out how and for what reason the ammonium nitrate was introduced, and who stands behind these nitrates, and  How and why did the explosion occur? “.

The association called on “the state also to serve the Lebanese people and the truth, by declaring its inability to uncover the circumstances of this horrific crime, and to “hand the wheel” to international investigation, which alone is capable of delivering this case to its required conclusions, condemning those who should be convicted, and judging those who must be tried.”