| 26 May 2024, Sunday |

“Medical Gathering”: Closing airport, the shortest way to reduce Omicron spread.

Head of the “Lebanese Social Medical Gathering,” Raef Reda, called for “immediately closing the airport, for fear of the worst after the spread of Omicron cases among the arrivals, criticizing what the Minister of Health, Firas Abyad has said, about the existence of suspicions for some Omicron cases, and then confirming them on the second day.”
He stressed in a statement that “Omicron is rapidly spreading and can be contagious within seconds, even for vaccinated with two doses,” noting “the opinions of international health organizations question the feasibility of vaccines taken against Omicron.”
“The frightening thing is the increase in Corona cases and the increase in deaths, and we fear that some cases are not diagnosed by the genetic examination of Omicron, and the horror is that the intensive care rooms in government and private hospitals constitute 80% of Corona patients, without forgetting that there are cases that were unable to be admitted to hospitals, Because of their financial situation and the high cost of hospitalization and medicines, as well as many undiagnosed cases as a result of the dire economic situation.”He added
Reda concluded, “In the face of all these circumstances, we believe that closing the airport is the shortest way to mitigate the spread of Omicron and remove doubts, and have mercy on people so that health does not remain the subject of statements and doubts, by His Excellency the Minister of Health in a “rescue’ government, that it needs it the most, and whoever does not have the ability to assume responsibility, resignation is the only way out to avoid the worst of a dilapidated government that the country has never seen.”