| 26 February 2024, Monday |

Medical Gathering: “Lebanon in dangerous health condition.”

Head of the Medical Social Gathering and the representative of the European Middle Eastern International Medical Association in Lebanon, Raef Rida, confirmed that “the health situation in Lebanon is dangerous, with the widespread outbreak of Omicron, as a result of a failed health policy and the lack of complete closure that our group called for, in addition to the lack of free PCR tests, and disregard for not being strict in prevention.

In a statement, Reda appealed to the Italian and Vatican authorities, in coordination with the association’s president, Professor Fouad Audeh, to secure a large amount of PCR tests for free to identify, isolate and follow up on infections with the Corona virus, and to secure field hospitals that provide treatments for the unaffordable infected.

He pointed out that “opening the airport and not isolating infected patients while awaiting Omicron tests, contributed to the increase in the announced cases, which are inaccurate because they do not include many who have no financial ability to conduct the tests.”