| 16 April 2024, Tuesday |

Message from Aoun to Parliament about delay in forming the government

The President of the Republic, Michel Aoun, believed that “the delay in forming the government after more than six or more months by the designated Prime Minister Saad Hariri, has affected negatively not only the emergence of the procedural authority of the constitutional authorities regular work in accordance with the provisions of the constitution, but rather the political stability and health and social security, economic, financial, and public services as well. It also hampered the effective treatment of sensitive files in light of inherited and successive crises or worsening conditions on more than one level.”

In a letter addressed this afternoon to the House of Representatives through Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri, President Aoun considered that “the reasons for the delay in the establishment of the procedural authority should not remain a subject of speculation, ambiguity or diligence, whether internal or external, and it is not permissible not to set a timetable for the formation oe else it will not be formed,  especially since the awaited government is a rescue one to save Lebanon from its aforementioned suffocating crises. And that the formation of the government is an obligatory constitutional act and is not a matter of luxury, in addition to the fact that the constitutional norms mostly arise in the context of central and articulated constitutional entitlements. So the President of the Republic, who is entrusted with the constitution, must ensure not to have any wrong constitutional norms when the constitutional authorities are established.

President Aoun considered, “It has become evident that the President-designate is unable to form a government capable of salvation and meaningful communication with foreign financial institutions, international funds and donor countries, to set up aid programs that would save the bleeding country at all levels, and is still seizing the formation after the assignment, as he is capturing  the people and the regime as hostages driving them to the abyss, ignoring every reasonable formation timeline. ”

The President of the Republic considered that “there is no way in which to adhere to the due and customary approach in forming governments in accordance with the provisions of Articles 53 (Paragraph 4) and 64 (Clause 2) of the Constitution, and it is an approach that presupposes a clear and unambiguous statement of the parliamentary blocs participating in the government or supporting it, based on the fair distribution of ministries among them, in accordance with the popular representation under our parliamentary democratic system simulates the fact that the people are the source of powers and the owner of the sovereignty that they exercise through constitutional institutions, according to what is mentioned in Paragraph (d) of the preamble to the constitution, without permitting exclusion or monopoly, in order to preserve the fairness of representation mentioned and stipulated in Article 95 of the Constitution (Paragraph A) and the charter that becomes available, as a result of the matter, when respecting the principles and provisions of the Constitution and the constitutional norms, and governmental solidarity upon composition.

And after President Aoun emphasized in his message that he is entrusted, as President of the Republic, “not only with respecting the above principles in governments’ forming mechanism, but also the necessity securing  confidence for it in the Parliament , so that the country and its people do not move from one caretaker government to another. ”he said,“ has insisted, to date, not to present a government formation that enjoys our agreement and has the required confidence from the House of Representatives in accordance with the constitutional text, as well as his interruption of conducting the necessary parliamentary consultations with the various parliamentary blocs,  and the worst thing is that he is cut off from continuous consultations. It is the duty of the President of the Republic to agree on a government formation that has the confidence of Parliament, the Lebanese and the international community.

President Aoun requested that his letter be discussed in the Parliament General Assembly  according to the principles, and to take the appropriate position, action, or decision regarding it for the benefit of the people who groan in pain as they await their new government and are hoping for it, starting with the realization of the most basic rights that is lacked, all the way to complete and sustainable security.  What they aspire is to facilitate the formation of the long-awaited government, which is available if the Prime Minister-designate abandons the argument that he is the one who “forms” the government, provided that the president of the republic “issues” the decree, while  Article 53, Paragraph 4 of the Constitution is explicit in terms of “agreement” before issuing the decree of forming the government, and that the sequence of paragraphs 2, 3, 4 and 5 of the aforementioned article and its expressions indicate that the constitution is the result of the amendments introduced to it after the approval of the National Accord document by your honorable assembly.