| 6 December 2023, Wednesday |

Michel Aoun: Hezbollah did not carry out terrorism

The President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, considered that Lebanon has taken its right to demarcation “and an increase,” noting that what we have proven and given new hope to the Lebanese, and the demarcation will allow the extraction of gas and oil, which is the way to get Lebanon out of the hole, and this is my gift to the Lebanese before I leave.

Aoun added: “We have demarcated the borders so that we do not fall into a war, which is the result of interest and stability and not the result of peace with Israel. And there is no paper or signature or anything else in the process of signing the demarcation agreement that leads to a peace agreement.”

Commenting on the suspicion of the head of the Progressive Socialist Party, Walid Jumblatt, of the “waste and waste” of oil extraction funds, he said: “We are not afraid of anything but its growth, and just that.”

Aoun considered that “the right has not left me a friend” in politics, but “my friends are the Lebanese people,” and this was proven by the parliamentary elections with the spread of the current on all Lebanese lands.

On the issue of the displaced, the President of the Republic considered, in an interview on LBCI, that “Syria does not place conditions on the return of the displaced, except those who committed crimes, and they welcomed their return and cooperated with the Lebanese authorities. The displaced from Lebanon do not go to their countries, and in return they do not want us to return them to Syria, and they are talking about integrating the displaced with the Lebanese people.”

President Aoun announced that “I am about to sign a decree accepting the resignation of Najib Mikati’s government, and the current government does not enjoy confidence and cannot rule, and I am about to sign a decree accepting its resignation, and Mikati has no desire to form a government, and there must be unity in standards The formation and I will give a chance until the end of my term,” noting that “the head of the Free Patriotic Movement, Representative Gibran Bassil, set the specifications that the next president of the republic should possess and present them to the parliamentary blocs.”

He stressed that “the dialogue on the presidential issue will fail, but the consultation may lead to the result of it being a dialogue between two people, and I would reject any foreign interference because if we do not have the possibility, then why do we have constitutional and legal texts, but Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri has the right to consult with the blocs.” Parliament and not to call for dialogue, and even if my presidential term ends, he has no right to replace the President of the Republic.”

In the context, he believed that “there is a big mistake in not specifying the period allowed for the prime minister in charge of forming the government.”

In response to a question about what the Secretary-General of Hezbollah had previously said that Aoun appointed and the head of the Marada movement Suleiman Franjieh the second eye, the President of the Republic said that Nasrallah has two eyes just as we do, but that each of us sees colors differently, so the honor for us is friendship and love, but when he arrives The matter comes to the stage of responsibility, and the issue becomes related to the assessment of a specific ability to do a specific work.”

And about the governor of the Banque du Liban, Riad Salameh, he said: “I asked to change the governor of the Banque du Liban, but I did not get the approval and fighting corruption made me many enemies.”

On the file of the relationship with Hezbollah, he stressed that “Hezbollah silently stands in solidarity with us, and there was a kind of silent assistance between the Siamese twins, the Amal Movement and Hezbollah, which cannot be separated because blood will fall, but we blame Hezbollah for not adhering to the fourth point of the agreement, but the issue The strategy requires that we remain allies, and the survival of arms has a reason, and whoever says he wants to disarm the party is a political opponent to them.”

And he added: “Hezbollah is not a terrorist, and when I was in Germany, it was said that Hezbollah is terrorist, so I asked them: Where did Hezbollah practice terrorism… Hezbollah did not carry out terrorism and it fought and liberated its homeland from Israel after everyone remained silent about occupying our land.”

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