| 1 February 2023, Wednesday |

Mikati: “Although I deal positively with challenges, but…”

Prime Minister Najib Mikati declared that “the concept of the state is based on the principle, in which an individual or a group voluntarily give up some of what is originally his or her right, for the sake of the public interest, which represents the interest of all, without exception. As for the logic based on the constant call for the private rights of an individual or a group, it is a logic that often leads to tension and disruption of institutions, and it is absolutely not compatible with the concept of the state, in which the rights of all its citizens are embodied, as one unified entity.”
In a speech he delivered During his patronage of the Bar Association centenary celebration in Tripoli, he said, “From here our call, that the second centenary be the centenary of public order, and full order of a political approach with clear definitions and principles, that adheres to the rules of true democracy and the foundations of building a modern state with one authority, and not more.
Mikati added: “Although it is true that I deal positively and openly with challenges, regardless of their size, and give discussion and dialogue its maximum extent, but it is also true that dialogue stands at the limits of national and personal convictions, from which I never deviate, most notably the independence of the judiciary, and thus, the protection of the constitution and institutions, preserving Lebanon’s Arab affiliation and the brotherly relations with the Arab brothers, especially the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.”