| 27 November 2022, Sunday |

Mikati: During war, officers cannot be changed

Prime Minister Najib Mikati hopes that the government will reconvene soon for two goals, the recovery plan and for holding the parliamentary elections that the Lebanese and the international community are awaiting for. Regarding the dismissal of the Governor of the Banque du Liban, Riad Salameh, Mikati pointed out that “during a war, officers cannot be changed.”
He said in a press conference held today, Tuesday, “We accepted the task of forming a government despite our knowledge of the extent of the difficulties and despite the advice that what we are dealing with is an impossible task, and what I did stems from a personal and national conviction to get our people out of the crisis
He added, “I have signed today a decree inviting the electoral bodies to elect members of the Parliament and referred it to the Presidency of the Republic to take its constitutional course
Mikati stressed that the opportunity to hold parliamentary elections should not be missed, and we must take lessons from the crises that have passed and return to applying the constitution and the law to restore institutions.
He also demanded the return to the policy of disassociation that protects Lebanon and its relationship with friendly countries, and we must not interfere in or offend their internal affairs or engage in what has nothing to do with us
He continued, “When I feel that my resignation is a way to resolve, I will not fail to take this step, and if it is against Lebanon’s interest, I will never initiate towards it.”
Mikati added, I am against obstruction, but I cannot call for a session in light of a party’s suspension, which leads to a crack in the inner house
” I will not proceed with any settlement at the expense of the institutions, nor will I barter convening a cabinet session for any settlement that is unacceptable to the Lebanese and the families of the victims of Beirut port explosion and internationally.” Mikati concluded.