| 23 February 2024, Friday |

Mikati from Foreign Ministry: To vote massively, chime for change

Prime Minister Najib Mikati visited the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants’ operations room, which was built to administer and monitor parliamentary elections overseas.

“This milestone is an extra step to deepen the links between locally and Lebanese abroad,” Mikati said. “It is a significant moment in the history of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which has constructed a real bridge uniting Lebanon with its expatriates.”

“Only 220,000 Lebanese expatriates have registered to partake in elections while the number of expatriates is in millions; we wish their participation had been greater. On this occasion, I call on those registered to vote massively in order to have their voices heard and to bring about change,” Mikati added.

The PM went on to say that the expatriate elections were an outright evidence that the Lebanese abroad have not forgotten about their country.

“God willing, legislative elections will be conducted with utmost integrity and transparency. None of us ran for elections to further prove impartiality. We call on everyone to turn out to vote with integrity and freedom of conscience,” Mikati concluded.

  • MTV Lebanon