| 17 April 2024, Wednesday |

Mikati, Halabi visit official exams center in “Saint Jude”

The official exams for the Secondary School Certificate are being held at the Saint Jude Children’s Cancer Center at the American University of Beirut, which was visited this morning by Caretaker Prime Minister Najib Mikati and Caretaker Education Minister Abbas Al-Halabi.

Mikati met with a number of high school kids who were taking the examinations and received information on how the exams were performed and the appropriate environment.

“Our presence here today is a message of support to these students who are a living example of perseverance, determination, struggle and determination,” Mikati said, adding that they “reflect a message that the will to live is stronger than all difficulties and that life is a continuous struggle no matter the hardships.”

He added, “On this occasion, we must thank all those responsible for this Center, which gives a sign that Lebanon is fine as long as it can be by the side of its patients for their recovery. The American University of Beirut has been a beacon to the world for more than 150 years and still continues…”

“The great challenge before us was the completion of a normal scholastic year with the vigor of His Excellency the Minister and the cooperation of the instructors, and I confirm today that all the pledges made by His Excellency the Minister, rightly so, are guaranteed and will be implemented,” Mikati underlined.

He concluded by stressing that “Lebanon has always been distinguished by the word, education and hospitalization, which are characteristics that cannot change no matter how hard the circumstances and the difficultness of life….”

“Through God’s will and everyone’s cooperation, we will come out of this difficult ordeal that our country is going through,” he added.

Addressing the students, Mikati said: “You are the role model in your faith and your determination towards life and and achievement…May God grant you success.”

In turn, the Education Minister said: “We came with the Prime Minister to extend support to our students who give us hope….We salute the American University first, and this Center that has a humanitarian mission with its doctors, administration and all its employees. We also assure the instructors that their rights, as mentioned by the Prime Minister, are well-preserved.”


  • NNA