| 25 February 2024, Sunday |

Mikati Launched Rashaya Citadel Museum, Urged Presidential Election and Army Support

The only way to restore Lebanon’s independence, according to Prime Minister Najib Mikati, is to “adhere to the constitution that regulates our political life and cling to the charter of coexistence that protects our national existence.”

Mikati emphasized today that “independence was effectively achieved when the Lebanese were victorious through their constitution and national charter.”

In addition, Mikati restated “the call to rally around the army, to preserve its presence and institution, as well as the other security forces, which we salute for the role they play in safeguarding the security of the nation and citizens,” and “the call to expedite the election of a new President of the Republic who will restore order to the cycle of life of the exhausted body of the state.”

“Yet, the Lebanese people, government and people, despite all the circumstances, are determined to commemorate their independence, because they believe in the meanings of freedom, sovereignty, and national unity that it carries for them, and in the hope it inspires in their souls for a better tomorrow, God willing,” Mikati went on.

He emphasized that independence is not a memory, but rather a reality that is lived every day, expressing his deep appreciation and reverence to the Lebanese army’s leadership, officers and individuals, confirming that “this institution is the fence of the nation and the protector of independence, and through it our hearts grow and our souls are reassured about the present and the future.”

  • NNA