| 14 April 2024, Sunday |

Mikati meets GLC head, dean of Syndicate of Food Importers in Lebanon, MP Abou Faour, Belgian Ambassador, Feminist Civil Society Platform delegation

Najib Mikati, the caretaker prime minister-designate, followed up with Grand Serail tourists on a variety of socioeconomic issues on Wednesday.

In this regard, the General Labor Confederation’s (GLC) Bechara Asmar met with Premier-designate Mikati. He was leading a delegation that also included representatives of other independent authorities, public institutions, the Port of Beirut, water authorities, the Electricity of Lebanon, the Electricity of Qadisha, municipalities, wheat selos, Ogero, government hospitals, and Tele Liban.

On emerging, Asmar said that they relayed to the Premier the current stifling conditions and ordeal endured by the public sector institutions, independent authorities, municipalities, and government hospitals.

Mikati also received the head of the Syndicate of Foodstuffs Importers in Lebanon, Hani Bohsali, where they discussed the issue of imported foodstuff containers held at Beirut port due to the strike of public administration employees.

Moreover, Mikati received at the Grand Serail MP Wael Abou Faour, who said on emerging that he raised with the Premier two topics, notably the issue of chronic disease medications and the social support program, amid the stifling socio-economic conditions in the country.

Mikati then received the dean of the Order of Engineers in Tripoli and in the North, Bahaa Harb, with discussions reportedly touching on the Order’s affairs.

The PM-designate also received Belgium’s Ambassador to Lebanon, Hubert Cooreman, who came on a farewell visit upon the end of his diplomatic mission in the country.

On emerging, the Belgian Ambassador affirmed his country’s continuous support to Lebanon.

Ambassador Cooreman also wished Mikati success in forming a government as soon as possible.

Mikati later met at the Grand Serail with a delegation from Lebanon’s Feminist Civil Society Platform.


  • NNA