| 1 December 2023, Friday |

Mikati: National solidarity paramount as existential threats surround us

The cabinet convened in a session at the Grand Serail under the chairmanship of Caretaker Prime Minister Najib Mikati.

In his opening address, Mikati regretted that Lebanon stood at the threshold of a second year of presidential void. Mikati also warned that presidential vacuum gravely affected the nation on so many levels.

“We demand a swift completion of this constitutional deadline against all the odds, difficulties, and crises that the country endures. Our government bears a national responsibility in exceptional and crucial circumstances,” Mikati added.

“We are performing our duty, and we reiterate our call on all ministers to attend and participate with us shouldering this responsibility,” the PM said.

Mikati further noted Lebanon’s presence in all ongoing diplomatic contacts. “In this context, I’ve visited the State of Qatar to inquire about the latest contacts and the possibility of reaching a ceasefire. After that, other efforts can be initiated.“

Moreover, Mikati said that Lebanon has suffered enough wars. “We are in favor of peace. The decision to wage war today is in the hands of Israel,” stressed Mikati.

He went on to deem the Israeli aggression on south Lebanon and its consequences, “a broad headlines on the international stage, which remains silent about the truth.”

Mikati then affirmed that the daily Israeli atrocities in the Gaza Strip constituted a stain on humanity’s conscience and destruction of all the values and principles upon which international justice is based.

“Our government is functioning constitutionally and is keen on keeping Lebanon present on the international stage to speak its word, defend its rights, and raise its voice,” Mikati said, affirming a will to complete his Arab tour at a later stage.

“It is time for salvation. National solidarity is paramount as existential threats surround us. Our duty is to meet and think together to reach a comprehensive national solution,” Mikati concluded.


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