| 30 November 2023, Thursday |

Mikati: No one interested in opening war front in south Lebanon

Najib Mikati, the caretaker prime minister, reaffirmed the Lebanese government’s unwavering efforts on Monday, saying that it was “carrying out the necessary contacts, internally and externally, to preserve calm on the internal scene and distance Lebanon from the consequences of the ongoing war in Gaza.”

Mikati said, dismissing the barrage of negligence claims made against the government as “prejudiced with a political nature, let alone far from reality.” “Contacts are being made away from the media in a bid to ensure their success and avert panic among the people.”

Mikati verified perfect Lebanese unanimity in support of Palestine at his talks at the Grand Serail on Monday, but he also made it plain that “no one has an interest in embarking on a war adventure by opening a war front in southern Lebanon because the Lebanese are unable to bear it.”

“The entire region is in a precarious condition, and no one can foresee what might occur.Israel’s desire to step up its provocations is certain, though, Mikati continued.

“I’ve spoken with the US administration, Barbara Leaf, Nuland, Amos, the prime minister of Italy, the president of France, President Erdogan, and the foreign minister of Turkey. Additionally, I have spoken with the foreign ministers of Jordan and Qatar as well as the UN Secretary-General, British Foreign Office, and Canadian Foreign Minister multiple times, Mikati revealed.

According to Mikati, “We are conducting the necessary contacts in a measured manner and away from the media showdown because exaggerated coverage of these contacts will only increase people’s fear.”

Mikati pushed for actions that would discourage Israel and lessen its provocations, saying, “Some people wonder who is in charge of the war and peace decision, yet it is currently in Israel’s hands.”


  • NNA