| 20 April 2024, Saturday |

Mikati says, “We will work to define maritime borders without treachery and overbids”

Prime Minister Najib Mikati said following the confidence session held on Monday, that the government has considered the criticisms, some of which were misplaced.”

He added, The new government faces an arduous and uncertain path. It is expected to undertake critically needed reforms, as well as manage public anger and tensions resulting from the planned lifting of fuel subsidies by the end of the month.

Mikati said that finding solutions for the health sector, which is experiencing a tough situation, is vital because it affects all Lebanese, and we have total confidence in the Minister of Health.”

He pointed out: “The current living conditions are very tough, and that there will not be an “electoral aid,” but rather donations will be provided for the needy people.”

Mikati added that the education sector will be prioritized, and students shall go back to schools by all possible means. “Our eyes will be focused and directed towards the Lebanese students abroad.”

He added, “We want to govern the aid for those affected by August 4 explosion, and we seek reconstruction, as we are with an impartial and correct investigation to reach the full truth.”

“We have started negotiations with the International Monetary Fund, and this will not be easy, as we are forced to take this step.”

Mikati added: “We seek to achieve the electricity plan and increase nourishment hours provided. We also want to complete the forensic audit in all ministries and state institutions, and one of our priorities is to revitalize the banking sector in an appropriate manner, and we do not tend to banks as some thought.”

He pointed out that subsidies have led to the depletion of the existing dollars.

Mikati stressed that he “will work hard to define the maritime borders without treachery or auctions.”

Mikati said: “I wish half of the government were judges, because justice is the basis and we cannot succeed without everyone’s help.”

  • Sawt Beirut International