| 19 April 2024, Friday |

Mikati: Situation not suitable now for dialogue table

Well-informed sources told Al-Joumhuriya that President Najib Mikati considers that the situation is not appropriate at the present time for the dialogue table, whether in terms of its timing or the requirements for its success, and therefore he prefers not to respond to President Michel Aoun call , but if he insists on it, Mikati may participate in order to avoid a problem with the President of the Republic.

These sources pointed out that if Mikati attends, his attendance will be restricted to his post as prime minister and not head of the “Wasat” bloc, because of his commitment to the club of former heads of government’ stance, who boycotted the table, in accordance with the consultations with Prime Minister Saad Hariri, before he contacted Aoun to inform him that he would not respond to this invitation for its futility.