| 29 May 2024, Wednesday |

Mikati: we are approaching a new stage in which we will challenge no one

Najib Mikati, Prime Minister of Lebanon, stated that “we are entering a new phase in which we will not challenge anyone and will not oppose anything that serves Lebanon and its people.”

Speaking during a visit to the new “Aquafina” factory in the Barouk area this morning, he said: “In front of these majestic cedars around us, I say that nothing will make us despair, but rather we will rise again…This achievement is an act of faith in Lebanon and in industry and investment…Politics is not only about stances and actions, but in essence it is also about providing good opportunities for production.”

Mikati added that there are three main sectors in this field, namely industry, agriculture and tourism, which require no funds from the state but rather a good environment for investment and work.

“This is the political environment required to embrace the investor and encourage him to work,” he said.

The PM thus called for ceasing all quarrels and disputes for the sake of the people and the sectors of production, allowing for a good atmosphere for investment in the country.

“We are waiting in the coming period for a promising winter season, and one of the Arab ambassadors informed me yesterday that there are full reservations for fifteen days to travel to Lebanon during Christmas and New Year, at a rate of four or five planes per day,” he said.

“Let us rise above all quarrels, and let hands join away from narrow accounts, factions and fanaticism, and let us cooperate to address the difficult situation and ensure Lebanon’s recovery,” underlined Mikati.


  • NNA