| 16 April 2024, Tuesday |

Mills won’t deliver flour tomorrow… No more words left to say

The representative of the Bekaa bakeries and member of Beirut and Mount Lebanon Bakeries’ Syndicate , Abbas Haidar said “nothing more to say after we held many meetings and vigils on a permanent basis,” noting that “the mission of the bakeries is to make bread, not to provide flour.”

He said via an interview with “Voice of Lebanon”: “We want to deliver a loaf of bread to the citizen as soon as possible, and we demand the Ministry of Economy to have a crisis cell to secure wheat for all mills, especially in the Bekaa region.”

Haidar added: “We have demanded from the beginning that there be strict control over mills and bakeries and that violators be held accountable, and the matter needs to be followed up, and we are not fond of strikes, but rather put our hand in the hands of the Ministry of Economy and the Minister to improve this bitter situation.”

He continued, “We are informed by the major South Mills, which distribute the largest amount of flour to the regions, that today is the last day of delivery.”

Haidar concluded: “On the 15th of this month, a ship arrives with a load of 25,000 tons of flour, and it needs 5 days to conduct analyzes of its cargo,” stressing that “there is no interruption of bread in Lebanon, it is only rationing.”

  • Sawt Beirut International