| 24 May 2024, Friday |

Minister of Education has called for academic year to be prioritized

In the presence of the Director of the Minister’s office, Mrs. Ramza Jaber, and media advisor Albert Chamoun, Minister of Education and Higher Education Abbas Halabi paid a visit to the General Directorate of Vocational and Technical Education in Dekwaneh, where he met Director-General Dr. Hanadi Berri and heads of departments.

The Director-General briefed the Minister on the state of the sector, its concerns and urgent needs, as well as the administration’s concerns about the need to secure the necessary budgets to allow the Directorate to conduct official and professional examinations despite a significant budget shortfall.

The Director-General also discussed the state of vocational and technical institutes and schools, as well as their needs for fuel to secure electricity and funding to provide operating supplies for departments, factories, laboratories, and hotels, noting that a number of major municipalities are providing incubation and simple support for a small number of professionals to provide electricity and water.

It also addressed the subject of providing incentives for educational bodies to attend, mentioning the minister’s attempts to include ninety dollars for vocational and technical education, and revealing that the papers were almost ready for signature.

Minister Halabi affirmed his interest in the vocational sector, reiterating his position, which he expressed since the first day of his assumption of responsibility, that “vocational education is the economic lever of the country and it must be supported so that it will reflect positively on creating job opportunities and establishing small and medium enterprises for skilled graduates of vocational education.”

He emphasized the necessity to “create a new sector strategy that takes into account the labor market’s rapid evolution and the need to stay up with current specialties and developed curriculum.”

“The decree related to the payment of the 35 percent value owed to workers in the sector for the last academic year, which amounted to 35 billion pounds,” he said, adding that he asked the President of the Republic for special permission to sign it alongside other bids if a session of the Council of Ministers could not be held.

  • Sawt Beirut International