| 22 February 2024, Thursday |

Minister of Education: We must spare no effort to make the scholar year a success

Minister of Education Abbas al-Halabi confirmed, however, “We did not enter this ministry without knowing the many complex difficulties and problems. We live with the problems of this country, and we keep up with what is happening in light of this intractable crisis that we are going through. And I had enough time to look at the education file. But it is preliminary knowledge since I did not have an official capacity before. But I believe that all the current ministers are ready, each in the sector he will take over, and within the scope of his work, to work in order to save the country. We hope to form a harmonious, effective and successful government team.”

In an interview with Al-Modon, he said: “We must spare no effort to make the scholar year set by the former minister a success, and education must be present after two years of students have been wasted. But it is necessary to search for the requirements that lead to the success of the school year, and the school year is safe and successful.”