| 12 April 2024, Friday |

Minister of Industry pushes for clean production to secure import of hard currencies

Minister of Industry, George Bushkian, on Tuesday said that his ministry’s goal was to encourage existing and new industries to secure the import of USD and other hard currencies and to stop the export of USD.

During his meeting with the owners and managers of cement factories, he called for focusing on “clean production and adherence to environmental standards, public safety, and social responsibility.”

Moreover, he affirmed his intention to cooperate with the Ministries of Interior, Municipalities, Environment, Public Works, Transport, and relevant departments, in an attempt to reopen and operate quarries, which would provide job opportunities for 1,500 families, as well as contribute to reconstruction.

“We are looking forward to exporting construction products to neighboring countries to partake in their construction projects,” Bushkian said.

  • NNA