| 12 December 2023, Tuesday |

Minister of Labor: Increasing customs dollar value does not require government’s vote

Caretaker Minister of Labor, Mustafa Bayram, on Wednesday said in an interview with “the Voice of All Lebanon” radio station that “the decision to raise the customs dollar value does not require the government’s vote on it.”

“The Minister of Finance has informed other ministers during yesterday’s meeting that there is an exceptional law that enables him to adjust the value of the customs dollar, and this is what he will do in agreement with the governor of the Central Bank,” Bayram said.

He pointed out that such a measure was inevitable so as to be able to get merchants to share their  profits with the state’s treasury.

Regarding the price control mechanism, he revealed that the caretaker economy minister was studying, along with the Consumer Protection Directorate, this dossier to focus on goods that are exempted from extra fees.

“The only way out of the prevailing economic collapse is the gas file, which will shift Lebanon to economic solvency and enhance confidence in it,” Bayram added, expressing his optimism in this regard.

  • NNA