| 2 March 2024, Saturday |

Minister of Public Works and Transport: The state’s assets should not be sold

The Minister of Public Works and Transport Ali Hamieh affirmed that “there is a bilateral rule that should be adopted in an integrated manner to increase the state’s revenues, and improve services provided by the transport sector so that the state’s economic cycle remains active.

During his meeting with a delegation of heads and representatives of unions from the port of Beirut, Hamieh pointed out that “the improvement must be done to restore confidence, and that the terms of reference for the container terminal’s tender should take into account the post-explosion phase in order to launch the tender as soon as possible.”

In response to a question, Hamieh explained that “the state’s assets should never be sold and that he is preparing a study for a new system for the port that considers the partnership between the public and private sectors, with the aim of attracting investments and increasing public treasury revenues and providing exemplary services to restore the leading role of Beirut Port in the MENA region.

  • Sawt Beirut International