| 25 July 2024, Thursday |

Minister of the Displaced: We intend to repatriate 15,000 displaced Syrians to their homeland each month

Caretaker Displaced Minister, Issam Charafeddine, told “Voice of Lebanon” Radio Channel today that he has detected “positivity and seriousness” on the Syrian side regarding the plan for the return of the displaced Syrians that he had put in place.

He explained that “the Syrian presence has been divided into three categories: the displaced, the workers, and the political refugees,” adding that 80 percent of the Syrian territory has become safe and that he has been commissioned by the Lebanese government to negotiate with the Syrian side in this respect.

On his set plan, the Minister explained that “the Lebanese demand is for 15,000 displaced people to return per month to Syria, whereby the Lebanese state has asked the High Commission for Refugees to stop financial funding for 15,000 displaced people every month in order to motivate them to return to their safe areas.”

He indicated that the issue of political refugees is under follow-up with the Syrian state and the UNHCR, noting that Lebanon desires the safe return of these people.

Charafeddine, however, disclosed that Prime Minister Mikati is “indifferent” to the issue of the return of the displaced, adding that he has been trying to communicate with him for some time on the matter but the PM did not respond to his contacts.

He said, “83 percent of the displaced are outside the camps and benefit from electricity, water and subsidized bread, and they compete with the Lebanese in their livelihood.”

  • NNA
  • Sawt Beirut International