| 9 February 2023, Thursday |

Ministry of Foreign Affairs informs Ministry of Interior about its inability to comply with expats’ registration deadline

Sources revealed that the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates, Abdallah Bou Habib, sent a letter to the Minister of Interior and Municipalities, Bassam Mawlawi, informing him of the inability to comply with the legal deadlines amended for the elections of expats in conformity with Law, given the tight deadlines and the scrutiny of registration applications after closing the registration process and sending them to the Ministry of Interior through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

During yesterday’s elections forum, the Minister of Interior announced that the government has begun preparations for the parliamentary elections.

This confusion in the election preparation process, and what was reported by the “Foreign” Ministry to the “Interior” Ministry, put the expatriate elections at risk, raising several questions about the fate of this process in general, especially after the political clash between the political parties over the expatriates and the way they are represented, despite the fact that marketing to encourage expatriates to participate in the voting process continues, while

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