| 28 May 2024, Tuesday |

Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Number of non-residents willing to vote, 23,466.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants announced, in a statement, that “based on Election Law No. 44/2017 and Law No. 8 in force, dated November 3, 2021, in particular the new third paragraph of Article 113, the registration door for non-resident Lebanese wishing to vote abroad has been closed at midnight, Saturday, November 20, 2021, and the number of registered voters on the electronic platform and in diplomatic missions reached 244,442.
Based on the provisions of the aforementioned new law, the ministry has been sending the regulations received from missions abroad successively to the General Directorate of Personal Status until Tuesday midnight on 30/11/2021. The total number of registered persons sent from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants to the General Directorate of Personal Status, is 230,466 voters.
As for the rest of the applications registered in the missions, they are rejected for not meeting the conditions stipulated for registration; Or because of repetition, or because of the expiry of the legal period.”