| 16 June 2024, Sunday |

Ministry of Foreign Affairs to “Al-Akhbar”: Germany’s request to evacuate its nationals legitimate

Germany intends to send a military force to Lebanon, according to an article published in the Al-Akhbar daily on Tuesday. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants in Lebanon addressed the article in a statement.

The MoFA’s statement claims that the article holds the Foreign Ministry accountable for authorizing the entry of a German military force into Lebanon, stating that it “is a combination of inaccurate, false, and fragmentary information about the Ministry’s powers, and its role in giving permission to foreign forces to enter Lebanon.”

“The submitted request is a legitimate one to evacuate foreign nationals present on Lebanese territories. A similar request had been previously submitted by the Canadian authorities and is currently listed on the next cabinet session’s agenda under item no. 11,” the statement added, making clear that “the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, not the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, has given exceptional approval to the Canadian request, as is evident in the next cabinet session’s agenda.”

  • NNA