| 2 March 2024, Saturday |

Ministry of Health circular regarding medical supplies

Ministry of Public Health announced in a statement that “after auditing  the invoices submitted to Banque du Liban from medical supplies companies, implants and laboratory reagents,  and comparing it  with the selling prices, the Ministry of Public Health circulates to the related companies which are involved in delivering to hospitals and medical centers, to return the financial differences collected under the pretext that equipment and materials were not subsidized,  based on the statement issued by the Banque du Liban on June 16, 2021, in which it confirms delivering the payments to the banks concerned.

The Ministry of Public Health alerted citizens and medical institutions about the importance of obtaining  detailed receipts for the amounts paid, and for this purpose it assigned an inspection team to ensure the  proper implementation. And the Ministry will not hesitate to refer violators to the competent judiciary.”

It indicated that it had set the following number: 70898514 to “receive written complaints from citizens in this regard only.”