| 22 February 2024, Thursday |

Ministry of Health registers 2,730 new COVID-19 cases, 54 deaths

The Ministry of Public Health registered 2,730 new cases and 54 deaths, which raised the total number of confirmed cases to 348,793.

In this context, the Minister of Health, Hamad Hassan, explained that regarding the Sputnik V vaccine, three proposals were discussed:

First: While the Ministry of Public Health is granting the effective and distinctive Russian vaccine permission for emergency use, there were several options. During the past weeks, we tried to import the vaccine through private companies, but we failed for two reasons: First of all, there is a decision from the Russian Direct Investment Fund to solely cooperate through the Ministry of Public Health. Second, because the conditions for transporting the vaccine require ensuring temperatures below eighteen degrees, which requires the Ministry of Public Health’s monitoring for the method of importation, distribution and vaccination of target groups.

Second: The method of concluding the agreement was discussed, where two possibilities emerged: a direct agreement between the Ministry of Public Health and the Russian Direct Investment Fund so that the ministry can buy the vaccine directly from the factory of the vaccine, or conclude tripartite agreements between the Ministry, the Investment Fund and the initiators.

Third: The Private Sector can play major role in the next phase through the agent of Sputnik V in the UAE, but this is not possible in the present phase because of the Ministry of Health’s Scientific Committee decision.

  • Lebanese National News Agency