| 15 April 2024, Monday |

Ministry of information’s employees holds general assembly, declare two-day warning strike

The employees of the Ministry of Information on Thursday convened a general assembly to discuss the current stifling living conditions and to look into finding solutions that would enable them to continue in carrying out their duties in light of the dire circumstances.

The General Assembly took place in presence of Caretaker Minister of Information, Ziad Al-Makary, Information Ministry’s Director General Dr. Hassan Falha, and heads of Ministry’s units, departments and directorates.

Addressing the participants in the General Assembly, Caretaker Minister Al Makary affirmed that their rights are sacred, saying “his support for these rights is absolute.”

Minister Al-Makary saluted the efforts of every employee at the “National News Agency”, “Radio Lebanon”, Directorate of Studies and Publications and the Diwan Department, “since work at the Ministry in all its directorates continues thanks to their dedication, sacrifices and patriotic sense over the years.”

As the Minister underlined that “the strike is a legitimate right to deliver their righteous outcry,” he called on the employees to form a committee representing all Ministry units to visit the concerned officials and explore reasonable and available solutions.

In his word, Dr. Falha affirmed his solidarity with the Ministry colleagues for their relentless and unremitting efforts and sacrifices advancing the national interest above any other consideration out of their sense of professionalism.

Dr. Falha also said that the spirit of solidarity prevailing at the Ministry of Information is a role model for all ministries and departments.

The participants in the General Assembly agreed to form a committee headed by the National News Agency (NNA) Director Ziad Harfouche, and the membership of the Director of Programs at “Radio Lebanon” Rita Noujaim El Roumi, NNA Editor-in-Chief Rana Shehabedine, Head of Radio News Department Khalil Hamdan, Head of Financial Affairs Department, Fadi Alayan, and Head of Radio Lebanon Technical Team Ali Jabawi.

In an issued statement, the participants declared that amid the stifling and ailing living conditions, they started today a warning strike that will last for two days, giving way to His Excellency the Minister’s thankful endeavors until next Thursday, July 21. “If we don’t witness actual positive steps from those concerned, we will declare an open strike in the entire ministry as of Friday morning, July 22,” the participants confirmed in their statement.

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