| 30 May 2024, Thursday |

Ministry of Public Health signs an agreement with World Bank to support health sector

The Minister of Public Health has signed an agreement with the World Bank to support hospitalization tariffs for the ministry’s patients by three folds.

Minister Firas Abiad said that the agreement, which became effective as of yesterday, aims to reduce the additional costs incurred by the citizen, in addition to increasing the physician’s income.”

Abiad, explained that “we had to increase the readiness of hospitals, but we must also find a way to comfort the citizen by subsidizing the hospitalization bill, and this is what we are announcing today.”

He added in a press conference: “We are working to separate the fees between hospitals and doctors to ensure that they are receiving their rights, as this matter contributes to the doctor’s steadfastness and appreciation of his efforts.”

Abiad thanked “the World Bank and the ministry’s team for their efforts because they were able in a record speed to complete the health sector support program that we are announcing today.”


  • Sawt Beirut International