| 20 May 2024, Monday |

Ministry of Public Health warns of rising number of COVID-19 cases

The Ministry of Public Health announced 517 new coronavirus infection cases, which brings the cumulative number of confirmed cases to 548,972, in addition to 2 deaths.

In this regard, Sleiman Haroun, the Head of the Syndicate of Owners of Private Hospitals, said that “the numbers of Corona are worrisome because they are increasing every week,” implying that “we have entered a serious wave and we are striving to monitor the issue.”

“We were able to find a temporary solution to get fuel for hospitals,” he said, “but they are still at risk of the substance being disrupted on any given day because quantities are limited and there is no regular import of the item.”

He also considered in a radio interview: “The problem of interruption of medicines and medical supplies is very large, and matters have reached the stage of danger, and there are essential medicines, either cut off or we pay very high prices to secure them.”

  • Sawt Beirut International