| 21 May 2024, Tuesday |

Misbah Al-Ahdab: Aoun has to resign and Hariri should step down … They got in together, let them get out together

Former MP Misbah Al-Ahdab considered that “had the March 14 revolution succeeded, then October 17 would have not happened. Unfortunately, what happened after the Syrian withdrawal that the quota system has returned.”

In an interview with “Voice of the People” program with the journalist Mario Abboud via “Sawt Beirut International” and “LBCI,” he said, “There are 300,000 Lebanese displaced today and the political team is still behaving as before.

Al-Ahdab stressed that “the settlement of Aoun and Hariri has ruined the country … the settlement that was marketed internationally is no longer” valid” neither internationally nor internally.

He continued, “not even one reform has been implemented.”

He saw that the solution is for everyone to resign, saying: “The President of the Republic, Michel Aoun, must also resign. Even Prime Minister Saad Hariri has to step down. ”He added,“ Prime Minister Hariri started with President Aoun … let them get out together.

He called for “a transitional government with exceptional powers to conduct parliamentary elections based on the law of the late Fouad Boutros.”

He said, “The people are hungry and dying … and there is no solution with the current president because he is within a regional axis, and there is no solution with the appointed president because he does not have solutions to offer.”

He pointed out that “the politicians are betting on the time to see external settlements at the same time that they reject internationalization … and today the French initiative has failed.” He added “Doha is an international intervention, and the French initiative, which they all agreed upon, is internationalization …”They accept internationalization only when it suits them?

He stressed that “it is not possible to fix the situation with those who ruined it.”

He believed that “the real solution is to sit down with Hezbollah and talk frankly, the conflict must be” linked “, Al-Hariri did not do that , but rather made a concession after the other

he added: “The Maronite Patriarch Bechara Boutros Al-Ra’i said:“ Do you need to find a solution inside, that is to sit down to find a formula … or let us find other formulas, or else nothing will work out.”

He said, “The Resistance Brigades is no longer an acceptable topic … is the Lebanese army work to protect armed facilities or to protect the people of the state?”

He asked, “When people are hungry, do we wait for them to agree? “The pound has become 12,000 …” They talk about the rights of the sects? Which sects?

Redarding March 14, 2005, he said: “The people did not adapt to the Syrian presence and faced it.”

He added, “I was running solo and everyone was against me, and if the Syrians at that time were not against me, I would not have succeeded.”

He believed, “The people moved in 2005 because they wanted to build a state, but unfortunately the settlements took place.”

He continued: “After the 14th of March happened, they returned and divided them into rival sects

He added, “The Syrian used to hold a quota system regarding fuel … so the quota system continued after the Syrian left, some went into others shoes and everyone was working within the quota system.

He said, “One billion dollars in debt as a result of electricity, and the fact is  that the Free Patriotic Movement took over the ministry for 13 years.”

He concluded by saying: “They exploited  the 14th of March” in 2005 and today there are those who are trying exploit the October 17 Revolution