| 21 May 2024, Tuesday |

“Moderation in discourse is necessary,” says Abdel Samad

Caretaker Information Minister, Dr. Manal Abdel Samad Najd, considered today that “with the absence of His Eminence, Imam Sheikh Abdel Amir Qabalan, we are missing an important national political stature distinguished by moderation and national unity,” hoping that “we will see many figures who can create balance and meet through dialogue and uniting positions in order to reach solutions.”

Abdel Samad also deemed that with the passing of journalist and writer George Nassif, Lebanon has lost a great person in status and value, saying, “I wish such people would be honored in their lives, to be the example and role model for our society.”

The Minister confirmed in an interview with “OTV” Channel, that “every person is responsible for what he hears and what he transmits,” emphasizing the “delicate role of media outlets and social media, in wake of the prevailing fragmentation and distance that grows with time through differences and disparities that are reflected in conflicts on the scene, whether administrative, functional or in the popular arena.”

‘Therefore, moderation in discourse is necessary, as well as moderation in conveying positions,” she asserted, underlining the need to be “careful, attentive and aware, because we may be facing a war of words or situations that lead to unfavorable results.”

Over the long-awaited cabinet formation, Abdel Samad considered that if there is an actual intention to form, then there would be no disagreement over cabinet ministers. Asked if she believes the formation obstacles are external or internal, she said: “Nothing stems from the outside unless we decide that…I always say everything is internal, of course, with external support. But the people of the house solve their problems alone; and if mediation serves the interest of the country, then there is no problem.”

Referring to the upcoming government, Abdel Samad underlined the need not to waste a lot of time on the ministerial statement, particularly since not much time is left till the parliamentary elections’ date. Hence, she stressed that the ministerial statement ought to focus on the priorities at this stage, namely the issues that are negatively impacting the treasury and the daily living conditions of citizens, including the electricity dossier, and violations of laws and regulations…”Let us cooperate to solve the problems at stake and consider that accountability is coming, but we now have a patient that must be treated,” the Minister underscored.

  • NNA